#OccupyJail: Oregon SEIU Boss Arrested Seizing Bridge During #OccupyPortland Protest


As the unionized #OccupyMovement engages in its ‘Day of Action’ to raise taxes and spend more, arrests are being made as protesters become more and more unruly.

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In New York, a police officer was reportedly stabbed in the hand during one clash and more than 100 arrests have been made as of 3:15 EST.

Across the nation, in Oregon, the Service Employees International Union and #OccupyPortland seized the Steel Bridge, resulting in the arrest of SEIU 503’s executive director.

[via The Statesman Journal:]

Portland police have arrested the executive director of Service Employees International Union Local 503 this morning, as she participated in the Occupy Portland march on the Steel Bridge.

Heather Conroy was one of a number of protesters who sat down on the bridge when police blocked their march across the structure, SEIU spokesman Ed Hershey said.

Police proceeded to arrest a number of the protesters.

Read more @ StatesmanJournal.com.

More about SEIU 503 boss, Heather Conroy:


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