The Myth of Union Job Security


…Just another example on how today’s union bosses mislead the public.

For years, unions have created a myth around manufacturing in the United States having been destroyed by the [ insert perjorative here ].

The fact is, manufacturing is not dead in the United States. It is a myth created to mislead the public on unions’ own destructiveness on companies and the jobs of employees. What union bosses have been screaming about is, in fact, the decline of unionized manufacturing.

While all manufacturing has decreased since America’s current economic recession began, from 1983 through 2006, union-free manufacturing had actually increased by 52,000 jobs.

These charts may help explain in more vivid terms how distorted the union bosses’ arguments are:





“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776



  1. From a Walter E. Williams column,, manufacturing employment peaked in 1979 at 19.5 million jobs. Despite that, the value of U.S. manufacturing has generally gone up, since output per worker in November 2009 was 3 times what it was in 1980 and 2 times what it was in 1990. U.S. manufacturing just keeps getting more and more efficient and industry has concluded that non-union employees are more efficient than union employees.

  2. From a Walter E. Williams column,, manufacturing employment peaked in 1979 at 19.5 million jobs. Despite that, the value of U.S. manufacturing has generally gone up, since output per worker in November 2009 was 3 times what it was in 1980 and 2 times what it was in 1990. U.S. manufacturing just keeps getting more and more efficient and industry has concluded that non-union employees are more efficient than union employees.

    • It never ceases to amaze me how misrepresented unions are. First let us set the record straight, union job security has never been preached to me in my 30 years as and IBEW electrician. Whether I keep a job or not has depended on my job performance. I grant you that construction is a bit different than manufacturing. But big business is always fair to their labor force, yeah right! You know that one of the early labor bills Davis-Bacon, was a Republican sponsored bill from the New York area in response to low wage paying Southern contractors bring their workers up north. So I guess blue collar workers don’t need any representation to make sure they are treated and paid properly. The only reason workers are treated as well as they are is because of union protection. I do agree that at times unions have taken advantage of their power,can you agree that they have made work place safety better. I would love to think that big business would pay a fair wage just out of appreciation for their labor.Just does not usually happen. So what is a fair wage? Let’s see, we see business consistantly decide it is no longer proffitable for them to continue. So what is the lowest wage before it doesn’t make sense to keep working for someone. So that corporate profits stay where they need to be, do we just keep lowering wages until everyone quits. Not everyone is a computer whiz,engineer,or financial wizard. There will always be working people and just because they don’t have college degrees does not make them stupid. While union membership at times breeds a lackadaisical attitude, weak or no representation breeds fear. The Right to Work law may have some merit, but it mainly gives people benefits that they have not earned or worked for. I am a firm believer that a person should not have to be union to make a fair wage;but it you don’t want to belong to my union then don’t ask for the benefits that my representatives have fought for.Many say that unions are past their time because they think corporations and the gov’t will take care of them. If unions were dissolved, management would go back to strong-arming much faster than most would believe. When the bean counters look at production they look at it verses cost. If I am paying half the cost and getting 2% more production because of fear of job loss of course I can say production is better. I do wish labor and management could be more respectful of each other, but we must deal with reality, and I believe recent events in the last few years have shown that those at the top are only worried about their bottom line. I am sure I will get alot of flack, as this appears to be a anti-union page, but take it from someone who knows;there’s is alot of blame to go on both sides. Thank you for your time.

      • This is a (fairly)well worded argument from one who at least is not totally become a robot of the “big labor”. I’m one who has never been represented by any standard union, and I have seen well enough the need for SOME representation, but only against certain “bad actors” on the corporate side. These, as stated by the poster, have been those who cared only about maximizing their “bottom-line”, and there are certain other examples of corporate leaders who, even without the threat of union power have treated their workers with dignity, job safety concern, and respect. Admittedly, the examples of these are few, to the extent of being virtually mythical.
        I have a problem with the ALIGNMENT of the big labor bosses politically with the side of the socialists, primarily because Socialism is and always HAS been a destroyer of societies, and this bout of it in OUR nation will not prove to accomplish benefit for ANY but the ones who have set themselves up to benefit in the CHANGE of this society. The MORE it changes, the MORE “they” benefit, though the tantamount result is that we throw OUT EVERYTHING that has set our nation apart from the rest of the world, and thus trash the very formula for our past success. This is NO LESS than THESE SAME ones FEEDING UPON, as parasites, the still living carcass of a dying America. They did not FORGET the principle that”if one doesn’t work, then that same one will go hungry as a natural consequence”. The fact is that these have REJECTED that truth, even though it is a basic law of economics. we can do no more to abrogate that law than we can do to stop the sun from rising/ setting on a daily basis. THERE ARE some things which ARE NOT relative in this world, and those who alter circumstances to benefit the ones who will not exert any effort, or who wish to gain societal power where their genesis is bastard to the founding principles of this nation(or ANY OTHER), this can ONLY result in THIS nation being CANNIBALIZED by the ones who DID set themselves up to benefit This nation CANNOT shift to this mode, and even survive…it will surely be killed by that feeding upon it. THUS, the end will be the END of all who have been in this nation and the TRUTH is that the very lifeblood of this nation is being sucked OUT by those in OTHER nations, and THESE will be the only havens for any who enriched themselves in that sacrificing of this nation. The left must be rejected or else our nation is headed in a direction which is destructive to its own interest, and it will surely not prosper but instead be swallowed up by the pack of wolves who are feeding on it.
        Those of you who do “union” work, and have read these words, ask yourselves if you can possibly stand to ask only that which is reasonable and right, rather than that which is enriching to the point of being parasitic. And ask yourselves another q… HAVE Obama’s promises been fully and completely fulfilled? Were they reasonable for ALL of us, or set only to benefit those who were union? If they WERE all about benefiting just the union, then they could ONLY be “the CLASS WARFARE” we have a;ll heard of, and when we fight one another we forget about those who are NOT fighting, but are on the sidelines,SHOUTING, for they have placed their bets, and stand to win big, though they NEVER took on the personal risk of the struggle. Is it right that we be the beasts for which they place their bets? Surely, even those of us who could not gain a masters degree in political science can be so insightful as to SEE when we are being set against one another. Certainly we can see that those who are demonstrating in our cities are, BY NO MEANS representative of most of us, but certainly the visible and plain CHARACTER of their protest demonstrates that its goal is NOTHING to which MOST OF US would set as our own.
        As said above, I thank you for taking the time to read and contemplate.

      • You say workers who don’t belong to a union shouldn’t get the union benefits. In a way I agree, but the problem is that it is not their choice. Rather it is a power fiercely guarded by union bosses.

        Currently, union officials (even in Right to Work states) demand a monopoly on bargaining in any workplace they are in. They use federal laws (that they support) to make sure that the contract is binding on every worker, even those don’t want a union and believe they would do better if they could negotiate their own contract.

        So until union officials renounce their power to force workers to accept a contract they don’t want, their opposition to Right to Work on the basis that unions benefit all workers is phony and hypocritical.


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