TDU’s New $150,000 Club Shows Teamster Bosses Still Doing Well Despite Recession


Every year, the Teamsters for a Democratic Union compiles the list of Teamster bosses earning six-figure salaries.

The 2011 $150,000 Club was released on Friday and shows, unlike many of their members who have suffered job and pay cuts, Teamster bosses are still doing quite well for themselves.

According to the TDU’s Report:

  • 123 Teamster officials made over $150,000 in salary in 2010; 35 made over $200,000. The total paid to that group went up $259,636 over the previous year.
  • 129 Teamster officials got paid a multiple salary by the International Union, most of them appointees of James Hoffa.
  • For the first time since he took office, James Hoffa did not get a salary increase. This is
    because his salary goes up by a percentage equal to the rate of inflation, and inflation did not rise.
    Hoffa did take a $6,000 hike in his total compensation: Hoffa is paid a very lucrative “housing allowance” on top of his salary.

Below is the listing of the Teamsters’ Top Ten Money Makers, based on salary and total compensation.

[Note: Because Teamster bosses can collect multiple salaries, the column listed as “Affiliation” indicated whether the individual collected salary from the Teamsters International (INTL), a joint council (JC) and/or Local Union (L).]

Here is the entire report:

Teamsters’ 2011 $150,000 Club Full Report



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