UAW Hires SEIU Lobbyist As Legislative Director


When the #OccupyMovement looks to unions for support, blaming lobbyists for the nation’s ills, they really should be looking at who they’ve climbed in bed with because the days of actual blue-collar (or even white collar) union-members leading unions are just about over.

A case in point:

Barbara Somson, the United Auto Workers legislative director in Washington who played a key role in this summer’s fuel economy talks, is retiring.


UAW President Bob King said Tuesday he is naming Josh Nassar, who was assistant director of legislation for the Service Employees International Union, as Somson’s replacement. He oversaw SEIU’s legislative strategy on labor, budget, health care, banking, tax policy and other issues.


Prior to his work with SEIU, Nassar was the vice president for federal affairs at the Center for Responsible Lending and also served as legislative assistant for Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill.

Nowhere is there any reference to Nassar’s union creds as an actual dues paying union member or even a union representative. He is a lobbyist, period. Having not paid his dues (literally and figuratively), how can someone like this even be taken seriously when talking about ‘the plight of union members?’

When unions wonder why they aren’t even liked anymore, all they have to do is look in the mirror and see that they are no better than the crony capitalists who hire lobbyists to rape raid the public treasury.

More on Nassar here and here.


“Socialism has no place in the hearts of those who would secure the fight for freedom and preserve democracy.” Samuel Gompers, 1918



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