Unions Hold BART Commuters Hostage, California Governor Keeps Them In Suspense


California union bosses are threatening to strike the Bay Area Rapid Transit for the second time this summer.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, BART is the nation’s 5th largest rail system and carries 400,000 commuters daily.

Union leaders said they are prepared to strike and shut down one of the nation’s largest rail systems for the second time this summer if they don’t reach an agreement on a new contract this weekend.

Bay Area Rapid Transit managers and union leaders were set to resume negotiations on Friday, but their proposals remained tens of millions of dollars apart on wages, pensions and health care benefits.

Although California governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown–who, in the 1970s, granted California’s public sector employees collective bargaining rights–has the option of ordering a 60-day cooling off period, he is waiting until Sunday night for an investigatory board to give him a report before making a decision.

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