Lying In Their Own Filth, AFL-CIO Bosses Condemn ObamaCare


The following is from the House Committee on Education & the Workforce:

Overcoming White House objections, members of the AFL-CIO approved a resolution that cites a “laundry list of complaints against ObamaCare.” The Federation – which represents more than 12 million workers – described the law as “highly disruptive” to its health care plans. It seems AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka can no longer deny the devastating consequences of a law he once praised as a “historic victory.”

In fact, as The Hill reports, “The AFL-CIO lobbied for ObamaCare’s passage and is one of President Obama’s biggest political backers.”  It’s encouraging to see those who strongly endorsed the health care law finally recognize its fundamental problems.

Whether it’s fewer full-time jobs, higher health care costs, or loss of existing coverage, the president’s health care law is wreaking havoc in America’s workplaces. The hardworking staff at SeaWorld and Trader Joe’s are the latest to be hit by the ObamaCare train wreck.

Although Health and Human Services Secretary Sebelius once dismissed these emerging trends as “speculation,” perhaps union bosses can convince the administration that the pain ObamaCare is inflicting on workplaces is real. The growing number of unions voicing their concerns with the law is certainly persuasive.

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  1. Kill all the old union members that is what is going on in Boston.If you don’t have older member keeps cost down hired only 20 something.Girl in union office said it to me that’s what woke me up.Now I have to work non union and give my talent to them.They ask if I have friends who work as hard as I do.You people remind me of the one in the office that hate the men.You have serviced your master well thank no God for Joe Moe.I WILL NEVER SERVE THOSE PIGS.


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