Ninety-Nine Percent of NLRB Employees May Be Furloughed


National Labor Relations Board employees may soon be taking up Occupy Wall Street protestors’ chant: “We are the 99%!” The reason?

If the government shuts down, according to an NLRB “contingency plan” 1600 out of 1611 will be furloughed.

According to the agency’s document, the furloughs would impact the following services:

  • Representation Case Petition Docketing, Investigations, Hearings and Elections
  • Unfair Labor Practice Charge Docketing, Investigations, Hearings, Complaints, Settlements
  • District, Circuit and Supreme Court Litigation – injunctions, enforcement, contempt, intervening
  • Administrative Law Judge and Board Decisions
  • Resolution of Workplace Disputes – collective bargaining, protected concerted activities, representational issues
  • Resolution of Employee/Employer Disputes with Union
  • Remedial Action – Backpay, Reinstatement, Reimbursement of Union Dues and Fees, Bargaining Orders
  • Information Officer Services
  • Outreach and Public Affairs Services, including public website
  • Typical Inspector General Services

According to the Wall Street Journal, there is some work that will still be done by agency employees:

The plan does allow for a little wiggle room. The 11 agency employees who’d keep working during a shutdown include the chief of security, the five board members, the acting general counsel and a few others. The vast majority of those furloughed would have a half day to complete the shutdown, while a limited number with administrative duties, such as human resources and information technology, would have a full day.

While unions and (obviously) the affected NLRB employees may not appreciate the possible government shutdown, the 93% of union-free Americans likely won’t notice at all.



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