UAW Bosses Just Picked A New UAW Boss. This Is What Democracy Looks Like?


Unions often tell workers they are ‘democratic.’

Except, they’re really not that democratic after all.

Dennis Williams, the secretary-treasurer of the United Auto Workers, is the choice of the union’s leaders to be its next president, the UAW announced on Thursday.

Williams, 60, will stand for formal election at the UAW’s convention next June.

Williams indicated that he will carry on the mainly non-confrontational approach toward negotiating with the companies with UAW members, including the three major U.S. automakers, General Motors Co, Ford Motor Co and Chrysler Group LLC, a unit of Italy’s Fiat. [Emphasis added.]

Convention elections, it seems, are a mere formality.

The bosses made their choice.

Apparently, this is what union democracy looks like in the UAW.

Kiss the ring.


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