Unbelievable: The AFL-CIO is urging Republicans to shut down the federal government again


Nationwide Immigrant Protests

As much as the AFL-CIO lambasted Republicans, it seems unfathomable that the head of the AFL-CIO’s immigration campaign wants another Republican shutdown of the federal government.

Yet, that is exactly what Tom Snyder, the immigration campaign director at the AFL-CIO, says is needed to push immigration reform:

Snyder and other advocates held a press conference Thursday to announce actions, including television ads, targeting nine House Republicans that hail from swing districts with a significant share of Latino voters. Two of those lawmakers, Reps. Jeff Denham (Calif.) and David Valadao (Calif.), won praise from immigration reformers last week when they endorsed the House Democratic bill.


The three Republicans supporters are well short of the party majority that Boehner has said is needed before any immigration legislation is brought to the floor. But Snyder pointed to the success in September of “a few dozen determined Tea Party Republicans” in forcing party leaders to back a government shutdown that they initially tried to resist.

“We need them to create something similar,” Snyder said. “It’s great that they co-sponsored, but the work doesn’t stop there. We have to have results, and the Tea Party shutdown is a perfect example of what we want to get to in that it wasn’t a majority of Republicans who wanted to shut down, it was a small group of Tea Party Republicans who organized their colleagues.

“That’s what we want Denham and Valadao to do,” he added.

It’s hard to believe that the AFL-CIO would want another government shutdown from Republicans.

However, being that the unions’ fingerprints wouldn’t be on it, using pro-amnesty Republicans to do their bidding is apparently perfectly acceptable to them.


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