This Teamster-Represented Company May Soon Be Heading Over A Cliff…



The years-long saga of YRC may soon be coming to an end, if the Teamsters don’t gut their contract for another five years, according to this report:

YRC Worldwide Inc. boiled down its case to Teamsters officials on Nov. 5 as a stark choice: The union could give the company “room to breathe” or drive it off a cliff.

The Overland Park-based trucking company told national and local leaders of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters that YRC needs to refinance its looming debt — and fast. A document included in the company’s presentation stated that YRC needs to “start the refinancing process” by Friday.

Teamsters officials could not be reached for comment on Monday.

Here is the document distributed to Teamster bosses explaining the need for longer concessions.

YRC Document Issued To Teamster Bosses by LaborUnionReport


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