No Joke: As Boeing Work Is Destined To Leave, Seattle Activists Host A Post-Rejection Rally


If this seems rather bizarre to you, that’s because it is.

After Machinists union members overwhelmingly rejected a contract offer from Boeing that would have provided more work, virtually ensuring that the work would go elsewhere, Seattle-area activists–including Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, as well as newly-elected Socialist City Council Woman Kshama Sawant–held a rally for the Machinists union members.

Boeing Rejection Rally

According to, members from the Washington State Labor Council–which included members from AFSCME, the SEIU, the Teamsters, and a host of other unions–showed up to chant “build it here.”

Hundreds of people attended a rally organized by the Washington State Labor Council at Seattle’s Westlake Park Monday afternoon.

“It’s the community thanking the (Boeing) Machinists for standing up for the middle class, standing up for our community standards,” said President of the Washington State Labor Council Jeffery Johnson. He added that he believes Washington state is still the best place to build the 777X.

Unfortunately for the union members at Boeing, in terms of building the 777X in Puget Sound, the rally may be too little too late .


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