Why Is The UAW Scrambling To Regain Trust & Support Among Chrysler Members?

Former UAW President Bob King and now-deceased UAW VP General Holiefield. Photo Credit: Rebecca Cook

Members of the United Auto Workers who work at Chrysler are, apparently, feeling like their union has left them out, sold them out and they are now feeling down and out.

Bob King & General Holiefield

Now, with the UAW Vice President General Holiefield being forced out deciding to retire, the UAW is scrambling to rebuild its reputation with its Chrysler membership.

The UAW is working to rebuild trust and support of rank-and-file members at its Chrysler plants even as General Holiefield, the man who led its Chrysler department since 2006, remains in charge until his retirement in June.

[snip] [UAW President Bob] King declined to say whether the UAW was investigating Holiefield, but many UAW-Chrysler members complained that Holiefield did not fight hard enough to protect seniority rights of transferred workers.

Other workers criticized him for not blocking or changing a new work schedule implemented by Chrysler over the past two years. The new schedule has two of the three work crews working every Saturday on a four-day-per-week, 10-hour shift.

The UAW also accepted much smaller signing bonuses in 2011 contract talks with Chrysler than those offered by General Motors and Ford. Chrysler management contended that its recovery was moving more slowly than those at GM and Ford. [Emphasis added.]

This raises a serious question: If this is how the UAW treats its members who have been with the union for decades, one must wonder how the union would treat new members (such as those employees of both Volkswagen and Nissan, where the UAW is trying to unionize).

Image Credit: Rebecca Cook


  1. I have over 28 year senority but to out of date union rules. I have less than 4 years plant senority. I paved the way for younger generations to work for Chrysler. Just like the older generations paved the way for me to work for Chrysler. I want my damm seniority that I’ve earned one day at a time. &(:$@@ the UAW. I demand my restoration of my senority.


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