Have You Seen This Website? It’s Pretty Cool How Walmart Is Calling Bullsh*t On The UFCW’s OurWalmart Claims


No Bullshit

The giant retailer Walmart has, apparently, grown tired of the lies being told by UFCW-funded front group OurWalmart.

On the eve of the UFCW’s Black Friday Strikes, the company has launched a website aptly named OurWalMartFactCheck.com that is calling bullsh*t on many of the union front group’s claims.

Our Walmart Fact Check

The site explains its mission as follows:

The sole purpose of OURWalmartFactCheck.com is to provide the facts about claims made by Organization United for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart) – a group funded by the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union.

OURWalmartFactCheck.com examines claims disseminated by OUR Walmart and the UFCW, and provides factual information to refute such claims. OURWalmartFactCheck.com is sponsored and operated by Walmart Stores, Inc.

The site is of simple design as it appears the company is letting the facts speak for themselves in a simple “Claim vs. Facts” format, with links to sources provided.

As you peruse the site, you’ll see that the facts are pretty damning to the UFCW’s claims.

Here are just a few:

CLAIM: OUR Walmart, which is a subsidiary of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (“UFCW”), was created “by associates, for associates.”

FACT: OUR Walmart is a group founded and funded by the UFCW, and the UFCW has paid people minimum wage to protest.

CLAIM: On September 5, 2013, OUR Walmart staged nationwide demonstrations with thousands of current Walmart associates.

FACT: At most 50 Walmart associates participated in the September 5, 2013 demonstrations.

CLAIM: OUR Walmart staged a successful strike against Walmart on Black Friday 2012.

FACT: Out of the 1.3 million people Walmart employs, around 100 participated in the strike. In fact, most of the protestors didn’t work for Walmart and were members of other unions and union partner groups.

Check out the rest of the Claims vs. Facts here.


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