UAW Union Bosses Consider Hiking Dues 25% Without Member Approval…


Bob King & General Holiefield

While it’s not “official” yet, despite having $1 billion in assets and a golf course that is losing money, UAW bosses are considering a 25% dues hike and they might do it without membership approval

The United Auto Workers is considering increasing membership dues by 25 percent, the first increase since 1967, as its membership dwindles and costs rise, a top UAW official and several union sources said.

The UAW, the richest American union with $1 billion in assets, is one of the most politically influential, contributing to the campaigns of Democratic politicians from the state level to presidential candidates. However, the union’s influence and finances have waned as membership has fallen 30 percent since 2005 to 382,500 members — a far cry from its peak of about 1.5 million members in 1979.

[UAW Vice President Jimmy] Settles said it was not clear whether the possible dues increase would be decided by the UAW’s leadership or by a vote of members, perhaps at the union’s convention in June. [Emphasis added]

Perhaps the UAW should sell the golf course first to fund their efforts in the South.

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