Strange Bedfellows: Birth-Control Activist Sandra Fluke Joins SEIU-Led Fast-Food “Strike”


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Across the nation, on Thursday, SEIU-led protestors engaged in another “strike” to unionize fast-food restaurants.

In Los Angeles, protestors occupying a McDonalds on West Manchester Avenue were led by an unlikely leader: Birth-control activist Sandra Fluke.

[via NBC Southern California]

Some workers and other rally participants later entered the store and, led by a protesters with megaphones, chanted in front of the restaurant counter as customers continued to place their orders.

Attorney and women’s right activist Sandra Fluke — the target of on-air attacks by radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh — and Pastor William Smart Jr., president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Southern California, joined the demonstration.

“This community is done with this kind of undignified treatment for these workers,” Fluke said through a megaphone as she stood in front of protesters.

[Editor’s note #1: It is not known if Sandra Fluke is a member of the Los Angeles community and, therefore, it is also unknown whether she is speaking for the community she is referencing.]

[Editor’s note #2: How access to birth control has anything to do with fast food is anyone’s guess.]

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