Is MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Merely Union Bosses’ Paid Puppet? It Certainly Looks That Way…


Ed Schultz Richard Trumka

If you don’t listen to (on radio) or watch Ed Schultz on MSNBC, you should probably consider yourself lucky since Schultz appears to be nothing more than a paid puppet for union bosses, according to this Politico report:

Ed Schultz, the MSNBC host who frequently champions union causes, was paid $252,000 by union groups between 2012 and 2013, according to data from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Those payments — which came from AFL-CIO electrical workers, postal workers, and others — were designated for either “political” or “representational” activities. Union auto workers alone paid Ed Schultz Broadcasting LLC a total of $72,000 in 2012.

In a statement to POLITICO, MSNBC spokesperson Lauren Skowronski said the payments were for advertisements on Schultz’s radio show and website and for speaking engagements. She also said that all funds from speaking engagements were donated to charity, in keeping with company policy.

“Independent from MSNBC, Ed’s radio show and website sell advertising to a variety of clients — both union and non-union,” Skowronski said. “Also as previously noted, Ed has donated the honorarium from speaking engagements to charity, per network policy.”

Early last year, after reports that Schultz was paid $199,900 by unions in 2011, Schultz said on his show that all the money he received for speeches went to charity; in this case, the American Cancer Society. A letter from the Society shows that it received $100,000, roughly half the total Schultz received from unions. [Emphasis added.]

While Schultz would never call himself ‘unbiased,’ it would certainly go a long way to have a little statement at the bottom of the screen that states: Paid advertisement.


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