Goodfellas? Teamsters Aim To Take Over Pennsylvania Law Enforcement


Police CruiserWith the union’s international executive board once wholly controlled by organized crime and six out of its last eight presidents having either gone to jail, been indicted, or kicked out of office, the Teamsters should be the last union one would think of as representing law enforcement personnel.

Nevertheless, the Teamsters seem to be trying consolidate some power in Pennsylvania:

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters hopes to consolidate resources and expand its base in Pennsylvania by forming a statewide association of law enforcement and correctional officers, union leaders announced Thursday.

The Pennsylvania Law Enforcement and Correctional Officers Association will bring together the locals representing more than 100 county and municipal agencies and more than 2,000 police, deputies, and prison guards statewide.

The association “will provide an increased level of representation and protection that is unmatched in our state,” said Bill Hamilton, president of the Pennsylvania Conference of Teamsters.

The announcement came at a news conference in King of Prussia, just a few miles from the Montgomery County Correctional Facility, where 235 prison guards will vote Monday on joining Teamsters Local 384.

Hamilton said prisons are an area ripe for union expansion.

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