AFSCME Bosses: Making Us Collect Our Own Dues is “Anti-Worker”

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Legislation proposed in Pennsylvania that would end taxpayer-provided automatic union dues deduction for most public workers has incited panic among American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) bosses.

As Media Trackers Pennsylvania has reported, AFSCME and other unions are ginning up outrage against state legislators’ push for paycheck protection by calling the policy an “attack on workers” and telling government employees it would revoke their collective bargaining privileges.

“The anti-worker legislation introduced by the state’s House and Senate would severely limit the voice of working families and deny public workers the right to negotiate collectively,” AFSCME shrieked from its DC headquarters on January 31.

Paycheck protection would simply stop government offices from deducting union dues from many workers’ paychecks, which would require AFSCME and other public employee unions to collect their own dues and “fair share” fees.

So we know AFSCME’s talking points are a lie; what’s the union actually fighting for?

Read the rest — including a list of AFSCME’s 20 highest-paid DC officers & employees — at Media Trackers.

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