UAW May Have Spent Nearly $8,000 Per Vote At VW


In the aftermath of the United Auto Workers stunning defeat last Friday night, an interesting statement in this article in Automotive News sheds some light on just how much the United Auto Workers may have spent to unionize Volkswagen workers in Chattanooga:

VW didn’t fight the UAW campaign, which may have cost as much as $5 million and lasted more than two years, said Gary Chaison, a labor law professor at Clark University in Worcester, Mass. [Emphasis added.]

If the United Auto Workers spent $5 million to unionize Volkswagen, and all 1500 employees would have voted to unionize, each vote would have cost the UAW over $3,333 per vote.

However, since the UAW only received 626 voted Friday night, the union’s cost per vote more than doubled to an astounding $7,987.22 per vote.

No wonder the UAW bosses are so upset and blaming everyone but themselves.

When an outside group like the UAW invests millions of its members’ money to unionize new members while pretending not to be and outside group, at some point its members may demand some accountability—or, at the very least, some Return On Investment.



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