WATCH: UFCW Comes Unhinged At Obama’s Pick Of Locations For Enviro-Speech


Barack Obama

One must admit that, since winning re-election in 2012, Barack Obama has seemingly thrown his union buddies under the green bus (see Keystone Pipeline).

However, no matter how committed Obama is to his green friends, the choice of giving a speech at a California Walmart isn’t going unnoticed by the United Food & Commercial Workers’ union which spent tens of millions on Democrat politicians—including Barack Obama—over the years.

UFCW boss Joe Hansen took a shot at Obama’s choice of giving a speech at the famously union-free Walmart by stating:

“President Obama will stand side by side with a company known for low wages, few benefits, unreliable hours, discrimination against women, violating workers’ rights, and yes, environmental degradation,” said Joe Hansen, international president of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union.

Mr. Hansen also knocked the retailer’s efforts to curb its carbon emissions.

However, Walmart fired back:

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. spokesman Kory Lundberg said the retailer offers wages that are “extremely competitive in the retail industry.”

In the U.S., part-time hourly employees average $11.83 an hour and full-time hourly employees average $12.81 an hour. The company also offers benefits and opportunities for advancement, he said.

“I would put that up against any other retailer whether unionized or not,” he added.

Of course, despite the millions spent on Obama and his fellow Democrats, the UFCW doesn’t have much room to whine since it too seems to have a problem with unions.


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