How Long Will It Take These Teamsters To Make Up For 10 Days On Strike?


Pepsi strike

How long does it take to make up for the wages lost during a strike?

That is the question Teamsters in Indiana must figure out as they return to work after striking their employer, PepsiCo, for 10 days:

A 10-day strike involving about 350 Teamsters who work at a PepsiCo bottling plant on the Northwestside ended after they approved a new five-year contract.

The agreement gives raises of $1.95 an hour over five years, boosting the average hourly wage to $21.50, said Jeff Combs, a representative for Teamsters Local 135. The contract covers drivers, mechanics and warehouse workers.

Based on this calculator, strikers lost approximately $1250 for the 10 days they were out on strike—which means it will likely take about a year and a half to make up the money lost out on strike.

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