Union Boss Compares SEIU to WWII Collaborators, Blasts California “Sweetheart Deal” As Treason


Sal Roselli

Sal Roselli has a long history of knowing just how low the Service Employees International Union can go in selling out the interests of workers.

A few years ago, Roselli was at the center of the SEIU’s civil war, when he openly fought then-president Andy Stern’s “sweetheart deal” with California nursing homes.

Since then, Roselli and many of his followers (mostly former SEIU members and staff) has left the SEIU and formed an new union called the National Union of Healthcare Workers and, now, has pitted his union against the SEIU.

On the heels of last weeks “deal” between the California Hospital Associationand the SEIU in a deal that will likely give the SEIU tens of thousands of new members, Roselli blasted his former union.

Earlier this week, SEIU-UHW and the California Hospital Association announced a three-year "partnership" — a sweetheart deal in which the union has sold out its members to curry favor with employers. The employers, in turn, will allow SEIU to unionize more workers, but under terms favorable to the employers. It’s a vicious cycle of corruption that undermines healthcare workers’ livelihoods, compromises their ability to advocate for their patients, and dispenses with the core principles upon which trade unionism is based. 


It’s a racket. It’s a con game. And the workers are the mark. If it wasn’t clear before, it’s perfectly clear now: SEIU is a company union. In exchange for adding more members to its rolls and more member dues to its coffers, SEIU is betraying its own members by undermining the livelihoods, health benefits, and working conditions of hundreds of thousands of California healthcare workers.

On his union’s website, Roselli went even further, comparing the SEIU to treasonous World War II collaborators:

In World War II being labeled a collaborator was comparable to an act of treason. The type of “strategic collaboration” announced today between SEIU and the California Hospital Association is an act of treason to California’s healthcare workers and patients.

This agreement will undermine the rights of workers and will eliminate the union’s watchdog role on behalf of patients. The two parties won’t even release the details of this agreement. If they had released what SEIU terms “a gentlemen’s agreement,” the details would show that in return for adding new members to their rolls, SEIU agreed to become a company union. Moving forward, SEIU will quietly collect dues, but will do little to raise questions.

While Roselli’s ire may be justified, it does little to stop the SEIU from betraying California’s healthcare workers given that the National Labor Relations Board has approved of this type of arrangement between employers and unions.

Emphasis added throughout.

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