Burger Queen: SEIU Boss Thanks Police For Astroturf Arrests Outside McDonald’s HQ #FastFoodGlobal


Mary Kay Henry Arrested

The SEIU, on Wednesday, ramped up its four-year old campaign to unionize the nation’s fast-food workers by staging protests outside McDonald’s corporate headquarters in Illinois.

As expected, protesters–approximately 120 of them–were arrested. Among the arrestees was SEIU boss Mary Kay Henry, one of the chief architects of the campaign to unionize fast-food workers.

According to a seemingly excited blogger at the union’s headquarters:

Just now, SEIU President Mary Kay Henry, Adriana and more than 120 fast food workers from across the country were arrested outside of McDonald’s corporate headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois, where hundreds of workers are refusing to be silenced before their shareholder meeting. [Emphasis added.]

Interestingly, following the protests and astroturf arrests, SEIU boss Henry thanked the police on her Twitter feed:

More from the SEIU’s media event on Wednesday:



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