St. Thomas’ Part-Time Professors Overwhelmingly Reject SEIU


SEIU Union Redefined

This summer isnt turning out to be so hot for the nation’s most liberal union.

First, in late June, the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Harris V. Quinn made the union susceptiable to paying back (potentially) millions of dollars in dues refunds.

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Part-time professors at the University of St. Thomas overwhelmingly rejected efforts to unionize the school’s nontenured faculty.

The vote tally, counted Monday afternoon at the National Labor Relations Board in Minneapolis, was 136-84. More than 250 part-time and nontenured faculty members were eligible to vote in the election by mail-in ballot.

St. Thomas President Julie Sullivan praised the outcome and said she is ready to continue addressing faculty members’ concerns about pay and working conditions. Those talks are expected to begin after the election results are certified.

Apparently, sensing it might be losing support, the SEIU and its supporters didn’t believe the professors should deal with administration directly:

In the days before ballots were sent to faculty members in early July, a growing number of professors pushed for the vote to be delayed so they could continue talks with school administrators to address their concerns. Members of the organizing committee rejected that request, saying faculty had adequate time to consider unionizing.


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