Worse than Card-Check: Mass Bureaucrats Give SEIU Affiliate Hundreds Of New Members



With the stroke of the proverbial pen, Massachusetts bureaucrats just gave hundreds of new members and hundreds of thousands of new union dues dollars to the National Association of Government Employees, an affiliate of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

The workers did not vote for unionization; there were no union cards signed. Rather, the new union members were handed over to the SEIU by having Massachusetts state officials reclassify hundreds of managers’ positions into the union.


Several hundred state employees now considered managers will be reclassified as members of NAGE Bargaining Unit 6 in December after a systemic classification review by the Commonwealth.

The Executive Office for Administration and Finance and the Human Resources Division conducted a review of management positions from level M-I to level M-V within Executive Branch agencies. EOAF and HRD had been working with NAGE since late 2013 to determine if managers were properly classified. Reviewers concluded that many people holding management positions were more appropriately classified as bargaining unit members. NAGE has been asking for the review for almost eight years.

Employees impacted by this reclassification will be notified by mail. Agencies will schedule meetings with affected employees to explain the reclassification process, and NAGE will hold meetings with employees to provide information about union membership and answer questions.

As Massachusetts is not a Right-to-Work state, it is highly likely that these newly unionized workers will be required to pay the dues to the SEIU affiliate or face termination of employment.

All of this appears to have been done without their approval.

Read the rest at NAGE SEIU.


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