ObamaCare Takes Its Toll–
Harvard Professors Seeing Crimson Over Cost Increases


Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it.


via the New York Times:

WASHINGTON — For years, Harvard’s experts on health economics and policy have advised presidents and Congress on how to provide health benefits to the nation at a reasonable cost. But those remedies will now be applied to the Harvard faculty, and the professors are in an uproar.

Members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the heart of the 378-year-old university, voted overwhelmingly in November to oppose changes that would require them and thousands of other Harvard employees to pay more for health care. The university says the increases are in part a result of the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act, which many Harvard professors championed.

The faculty vote came too late to stop the cost increases from taking effect this month, and the anger on campus remains focused on questions that are agitating many workplaces: How should the burden of health costs be shared by employers and employees? If employees have to bear more of the cost, will they skimp on medically necessary care, curtail the use of less valuable services, or both?

So, let’s see if we get this straight:

Harvard professors, who once ‘championed’ ObamaCare, suddenly don’t like the consequences of what they once championed…?

Well, too bad.

Read the rest here.

[Emphasis added.]


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