Unionizing pot dispensary important beyond workers, says UFCW rep.


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In New Jersey, the United Food & Commerical Workers is embroiled in a fight to unionize the only medical marijuana in the southern part of the state—the Compassionate Care Foundation, located outside Atlantic City.

UFCW-filed charges are pending before the National Labor Relations Board and accusations of “union busting” are being made by the union.

Following the posting of a link to the Philadelphia Inquirer article, Growing pains: Labor strife at N.J.’s first medical marijuana dispensary on the LaborUnionReport Facebook page, the following note was sent by Hugh Giordano, the union’s organizer.

[Published in full, with permission.]

I am a Union Rep for the United Food and Commercial Workers Union “UFCW” local 152. We are currently in the process of organizing the first medical marijuana dispensary in NJ and also the first to use the National Labor Relations Board in a formal union election.

This is a very important issue because one, this will have an impact on the workers’ rights to unionize and to protect their wages, benefits and salary. And two, once we represent the workers we, the UFCW and all locals are determined to help be a part of the progressive movement to make Marijuana laws more progressive for the workers, patients, and eventually all Americans. We want to help make sure patient lists of conditions get expanded, that it does not land civilians in jail, that workers can feel at ease knowing they are protected in their industry.

The Chair of Compassionate Care foundation, David Knowlton runs another “business” that has union support and takes union money. It is apparent that he is a typical business man and wants control over his workers and not a working relationship. The name of his business is The New Jersey Healthcare Quality Institute, which has prior union leadership on his board of directors.

Please share, These workers need your support and the movement needs your support

[Emphasis added.]

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