#WIUnions & Activists Begin Calls For General Strike Over Right-To-Work Push


General Strike

As Wisconsin considers becoming the nation’s 25th Right-To-Work state, unions are up in arms and planning to protest the state capitol on Tuesday.

In some corners, however, some are proposing something more radical—a “general strike.”

With union membership plummeting in the state, whether or not Wisconsin unions and their allies could actually pull off a general strike that gets noticed is anyone’s guess.

Nevertheless, according to The Devil’s Advocates Radio Network, there are leanings toward that end:

Madison-A unanimous vote of three represented labor unions and other assembled activists (at a hastily called luncheon #crute was invited to attend) to support a #GeneralStrike .

A General Strike was the only unifying strategy discussed to block Right-to-Work #RTW, $300 UW System cuts, $127 K-12 cuts, killing the Kenosha casino and 10,000 jobs, failure to expand Medicaid, and cuts to Senior-care and disability programs.

Expect calls for a General Strike Tuesday when the AFL-CIO rallies opposition to the Republican fast-tracking of #RTW Tuesday at the Wisconsin State Capitol.

According to the MacIver Institute, a general strike may not be an easy feat:

For now, there does not seem to be much consensus on how to approach a general strike. The group, WI Bail Out the People, is circulating a flyer that states, “No general strike can be rushed into. Workers must be educated and the ground carefully prepared. Holding a referendum vote in every local union gives the opportunity to discuss this unprecedented attack and how to respond with every worker at every work place.”

WI Union Membership

More to come…

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