Unions Wail As Wisconsin Is Well On Its Way To Becoming Nation’s 25th Right-To-Work State

Whether or not it was high on his agenda, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will likely have a bill sitting on his desk next week awating his signature to make Wisconsin the 25th Right-To-Work state in the nation…and unions are not happy.

Fuck Scott Walker

Late Wednesday evening, the Wisconsin state senate voted 17-15 to pass the bill outlawing mandatory fee payments to unions.

The bill next goes to the state assembly, where it is likely to pass as well.

As expected, despite giving $575,000 to anti-Right-to-Work state senators to stop the measure, unions are incensed that they are going fail and turned out to protest further reductions to their dues-paying ranks.

According to EAG News, the protests were much smaller than four years ago when tens of thousands of union supporters laid seige to Wisconsin’s capitol.

A Milwaukee rally against Right to Work held on Monday turned out a paltry 100-200 union members and the first Wisconsin Capitol rally against the bill on Tuesday turned out about 1,800-2,000 according to Capitol Police.

While Michael Moore has not yet graced Madison with his presence, of those protestors that did show up, they were no less vocal–and entertaining–than those who were there in 2011.

Image credit: MacIver Institute.


  • ‘Right to work’ REALLY means the employer has the ‘right’ to terminate any employee…any time…any place…for NO REASON…and the (former) employee ‘has the right’ to find another job SOMEWHERE ELSE… GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ‘losers’!!!

    • Not true, Mr. Hull You are talking about empoyment at will, an entirely different concept unrelated to Right to Work laws.

  • In right to work States, unions represent everyone in the bargaining unit, whether they are dues paying members or not. Same rules and contract apply. Happens all the time for the 6 or 7 percent of our non government population.

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