Walker’s Stalkers: Wisconsin Governor draws crowds (and protesters) in primary states


There is no such thing as bad publicity.”

Walker Iowa

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is a polarizing figure. To conservative activists, he’s a hero—the governor who took on the unions (multiple times) and won. To unions and the Left, he is Public Enemy No. 1.

For nearly five years, since Walker signed his state’s infamous Act 10–which reformed Wisconsin’s public-sector collective bargaining laws–and, more recently, signed Right-to-Work legislation, his enemies have protested, the statehouse, his home, and have stalked him at event after event.

On Thursday, as Scott Walker visited South Carolina, nine protesters walked up an down a sidewalk in front of the Columbia Marriott Hotel, reports Bloomberg Politics.

The South Carolina protests follows Walker protests in Dubuque, Iowa and Concord, New Hampshire—all early primary states that presidential candidates frequently visit during presidential priamry season.

Depending on one’s point of view, people either love or hate Scott Walker. However, either way–depending one one’s political views–against less well-known contenders, his “accomplishments” (or “evil deeds”) and the attention he draws may actually help him in his primary bid for the White House.

The question then becomes, are unions actually hurting their own cause by elevating Walker’s visibility?



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