Here’s a few ‘Union Home Visit Survival Tool’ ideas for Boeing SC employees



On Thursday, the International Association of Machinists announced that it has dispatched 125 union organizers to go door-to-door and “blitz” the South Carolina homes of Boeing’s employees in order to persuade them into voting to unionize.

As union home visits are but one of the many tactics in a union’s arsenal, Boeing employees may or may not be aware of the fact that the National Labor Relations Board permits unions to issue “misleading campaign propoganda”—which includes false promises—in order to unionize employees.

If Boeing’s employees fall prey to the union propaganda and unionize, then later realize they made a mistake, there is very little they will be able to do about it.

This is why, as union organizers canvass the South Carolina streets and knock at Boeing employees’ doors, Boeing employees might be best served to have a ‘Union Home Visit Tool’ or two near the door.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

1. Ask the union to guarantee its promises. Rather than fall victim to union deception or false promises, one easy way for Boeing’s employees to ensure the union organizer will keep his or her word is to ask the organizer to guarantee his or her promises.

Should Boeing employees (or their family members) receive a visit from union organizers (who often show up at homes in pairs), use this set of guarantees regarding the implied promises that employees often hear from union organizers that Boeing employees can ask to “put it in writing.”

If the union’s organizers say “no,” then perhaps Boeing employees may want to consider voting “no.”

Boeing SC Workers: Guarantees To Ask The Union To Sign

2. Just Say No. Of course, if Boeing employees don’t want the entertainment of watching union organizers squirm when asked to put their promises in writing, a simpler method for Boeing’s employees to keep union organizers from bothering them at all is to simply not answer the door.

By printing and posting the images below (which the company had posted on its Facebook page), union organizers will probably get the hint and just leave.

Boeing Door Hangers

If the above fails to deter union organizers, then there is a third option…


[ Editor’s note: This post is a public service announcement for the employees of Boeing South Carolina from Like every other post on, it has not been paid for, sponsored by, or otherwise endorsed by any company, association, trade group or other entity…not even the Koch Brothers.]

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