#FightFor15 Union Bosses Refuse To Acknowledge ‘Simple Facts,’ Says Council of Chain Restaurants

SEIU President Mary Kay Henry via SEIU

On Wednesday, as millions of Americans rushed to file their income tax returns, as part of its 4+-year old multi-million dollar plan to unionize the fast-food industry, the Service Employees International Union staged protests around the nation.

In response to the protests, Rob Green, Executive Director of the National Council of Chain Restaurants issued the following statement:

“Not surprisingly, the leadership in organized labor refuses to acknowledge simple facts. First, the marketplace is working as several major employers are taking steps to adapt to the improving job market by adjusting their wages and benefits for employees.

“Second, federal government wage mandates higher than local communities can afford do not help individuals earning a starting wage. In municipalities that have dictated an excessive minimum wage, some businesses have cut payrolls and eliminated benefits, while others are raising prices and workers are losing their jobs. The job markets in Seattle or Sacramento are different than local conditions in San Antonio and Sandusky.

“Another simple fact is that paid union organizers conducting a multi-million dollar organizing campaign featuring street theatre and other creative tactics are not creating jobs in communities around the country, except for their own.”

via National Retail Federation.



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