Sound Off: What do YOU think of President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal?


hulk-tppUnions are often—as though almost on reflex—opposed to any treaty with the term “free trade” associated with it.

As expected, President Obama’s push for the Trans-Pacific Parternship (TPP) is no exception.

Unions and their allies are sounding the alarm (even globally) on the TPP, even calling it “NAFTA on Steroids.”

Meanwhile, also expectedly, “Big Business” (usually represented by the US Chamber of Commerce) is for TPP.

However, according to this news report, some small businesses are also worried about the TPP.

What do you think?


Do you support President Obama's push for the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal?

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Should Congress give President Obama "fast-track authority" to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership?

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  1. If the trade agreement opens our borders to a new onslaught of foreign workers, this arrangement is yet another way for BHO to circumvent our national interest and security.

  2. Well, just keep doing the same thing with the same results! Free Trade Agreements work for the good of whatever country/region not named the United States Of America.

  3. We used to be a self sufficient country. The arrogant super wealthy have decided to lower our standard of living since Nafta. This is another move to lower the US! We are not pulling up the rest of the world! The puppeteers thT control the president and the other world leaders have a specific agenda! Call me a conspiracy theorist but, it is what it is!! We need union and it’s philosophy even more now than ever! My views are neither democratic or republican! I’m for the working man and his rights and benefits! There seems to be no party or representation for us!

  4. If it no secrets in the tpp let the American people see it before you sign it let the public decide if it’s fear for us


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