Report: UAW and Detroit carmakers eyeing 3rd wage tier to pump up UAW membership


UAW Bosses
Back in March, it appeared that the UAW was bristling at the idea of creating a third wage tier for lower-skilled jobs.

Now, however, it looks as though the UAW may be warming to the idea since of creating a lower-wage classification as it would mean more union members for the UAW, according to this report:

The UAW and General Motors (GM) are weighing a new class of hires. The United Auto Workers is considering the plan to encourage the Detroit Three automakers to add thousands of jobs traditionally belonging to auto parts suppliers, hoping to fuel the union’s recent string of modest membership increases. The Wall Street Journal says the catch is that the jobs are low wage, $10 to $15 an hour. The new workers would handle low skilled jobs such as organizing auto parts in bins and would not assemble cars. General Motors could be the biggest beneficiary as it would be able to better control the manufacturing process.

While the move may not be consistent with the UAW’s previous statements, after decades of decline, the union has become increasingly desperate for new members in recent years.
UAW Membership



  1. “We the people, has allowed “Politicians”, ALEC(American Legislative Exchange Council, and YES, “Koch Bros.” to Frame and Shape our social-economic agenda “issues”, and we go out and VOTE against our own “Interest”!..”You KNOW like,” Right-to WORK!..” and they begin “STRIPPING” Away at Labor Laws, that protect your quality-of-life in the work-place. They always make you think or feel like it’s the other guy, it’s the other group, it’s the other organization,….and YES, it’s the OTHER “Race”!… Now they are coming after your JOB!..” We NEED Our UNIONS!..” That’s Our “DEMOCRACY” in The Work Place!..”CORPORATIONS” have ALEC, Koch Bros. And their “POLITICIANS!”..” Stop voting agains your own social-economic welfare,…” Your JOB!”….” The “Big Three” can make a better OFFER!…” They Have PROFITED “Billions” of $$$ with the Downsizing, and Jobs that has gone over seas..”Support The “Politician” That will “Support” your fair Labor Standards and Practices with “Liviable Wages!”..

  2. Hey Louis, socialists are the democrats! What kind of Democracy is it that you are forced to pay to work at a job?
    You don’t need unions, you need to do a good job!
    And quite blaming the Koch bros! There no worse than Soros or Buffet!

  3. It’s a proven fact. Right-to -work states workers make less money and have less benefits. The only people I see griping about unions aren’t in one. Unions set the wage standards for all workers union or not. Companies would get you to do the job for nothing if they could. Yea. Right to work for less!

  4. Doesn’t work just look at Orion today they kicked me off my job to cover someone else and put 3 rd party doing my job… Diffrent wages should be against what u.a.w. Stands for… Separation in the work place it’s not very United at Orion

  5. First off anyone who says “you don’t need unions you need to do a good job” is only mad cuz there not in one.secondly in 1980 wages for laborors was $15 to start at a decent job so don’t give me that suck ass bullshit..not all union leaders are in it for the right reasons but id rather take my chances then let one man cut 500 family mens wages so he can make 500million one year instead of 400million the last year..don’t you see what’s going on here? Are you blind? Greed has infested our upper class so much that there taking what’s been earned over the yea by hard working middle class and even some lower a teamster and have gone through the same thing.WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET TIRED OF IT? WHEN ARE WE GOING TO TAKE IT BACK? EVERY YEAR THE PERCENTAGE OF $ IN THE TOTAL ECCONOMY GOES 2% MORE TO THE RICH WICH MEANS ABOUT 2MILLION MORE GOOD JOBS ARE LOST AND THE PPL LEFT OVER WORKING ARE EVEN MORE INSLAVED.IM ALL FOR WORKING HARD AND DOING A GOOD JOB BUT NOT TO SEE THAT YOUR HARD WORK WENT UNREWARDED..THERES A PRICE TO PAY FOR HARD WORK.AND IF WE ALL STOP ARGUING ABOUT THE DUMB THINGS AND STAND TOGETHER TO GET WHATS RIGHT AND WITHIN REASON THIS COUNTRY WOULD BE A WHOLE LOT BETTER OFF.WHILE YOU SEE THESE COMPANYS YEARLY PROFITS SORE THATS HOUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF JOBS THAT COULD HAVE BEEN CREATED BUT INSTEAD IT GOES IN ONE MANS POCKET.THERENOT LOOKING TO CREATE JOBS ANYMORE THERE LOOKING TO TAKE THEM AND DO MORE WITH LESS..


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