SEIU Wants Employees To Either Pay Dues Or Be Fired From Their Jobs


SEIU Union Redefined
The State of Washington is not a Right-to-Work state. This allows unions to negotiate contracts that require employees to pay union fees as a condition of employment.

However, when the SEIU didn’t have a contract in effect at Deaconess Hospital, four non-members did not pay fees to the union and, now, the SEIU wants them to pay or be fired.

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Four Deaconess Hospital employees say their jobs are being threatened because they didn’t pay union dues during a nine-month period when there wasn’t a labor contract between the hospital and Service Employees International Union 1199NW.

The employees, who are not union members, filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board, alleging unfair labor practices.


According to the complaint, the hospital and the union took a “contract hiatus” for nine months from July 2013 to April 2014. When a new contract was signed in April 2014, it purported to apply retroactively, the complaint said.The union sent the employees letters, asking them to pay the back dues, according to the complaint.

The hospital sent the employees emails this month, saying they would lose their jobs on May 28 if they didn’t pay the dues, the complaint said.

Will the union-controlled NLRB agree with the SEIU, or the employees?



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