United Ain’t Wanted: Alabama Workers Vote For Fifth Time To Kick UAW Out


UAW Go Away
Q: What union is like a bad cold that you just can’t shake?

A: Apparently, the Unted Auto Workers.

In the fifth election in two years, workers at NTN-Bowers in Alabama voted 74-52 on Tuesday to decertify the United Auto Workers, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Union opponents have received legal assistance from the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation throughout the process. NRTW spokesman Patrick Semmens said the fifth vote should settle any doubts about the will of the workers.

“Once again, employees at the Hamilton NTN-Bower plant have made it abundantly clear that they are not interested in the UAW’s so-called ‘representation,’” he said in a statement to the Washington Free Beacon.

The 22-vote margin is a bit smaller than the fourth ballot held in February, in which workers voted 82-50. The union filed challenges to the fourth ballot before the regional National Labor Relations Board, alleging that management interfered with the campaign. The NLRB ordered a fifth ballot in May.

“Unfortunately, it has already taken these workers five elections in less than two years to rid themselves of one stubborn union,” Semmens said. “Employees shouldn’t have to clear this many hurdles to remove an unwanted union.”

The union had managed to narrowly win one of the five secret ballot elections in January. Those results were dismissed after it was revealed that somebody had stuffed the ballot boxes: 148 were counted, but only 139 workers voted.

The union has one week to challenge the results of this latest defeat.

If the union files objections with the National Labor Relations Board again, it is possible the NLRB could order a sixth election.

UAW Go Away2

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  1. They must be sleeping with their bosses or they are a bunch of brown nosers. Most must be related to management.

    • Mark, since a majority of employees voted the union out (on several occasions now), you clearly don’t realize the stupidity of your comment, do you?


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