Hillary Clinton Says She Stands ‘Firmly’ With Unions (Except On Trade)


Hillary-Clinton- smug

Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was in Chicago Wednesday speaking at an event hosted by the Service Employees International Union.

via Bloomberg Politics’ Jennifer Epstein:

Hillary Clinton offered a strong endorsement Wednesday of the labor movement’s guiding principles at a time when some in the movement have expressed a measure of impatience with her unwillingness to commit to a position on trade.

“We have to stand firmly together and united on behalf of your right to organize, your right to bargain collectively, your right to fight for the higher wages that reflect the value of your work,” she said at the Centers for New Horizons’s Effie O. Ellis Center in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood.

Yet, when it comes to one of unions’ main issues, the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal—or “NAFTA on steroids,” as the unions call it—Clinton doesn’t stand nearly as firmly.

On Tuesday, Clinton said at a roundtable in Iowa that she has yet to decide whether she supports the TPP and needs more information before making a decision. [Emphasis added.]

It would appear that Mrs. Clinton has something of a commitment problem.

Either that, or she’s stalling until after the trade deal passes so she doesn’t need to make a public commitment.


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