In Historic Effort, Allegiant Air Flight Attendants File To Decertify Failed Union


Allegiant Air

After nearly five years of failed negotiations, a majority of flight attendants with Allegiant Air have filed an application with the National Mediation Board (NMB) to decertify the Transport Workers Union (TWU).

If successful, it will be the largest decertification election in the NMB’s history.

According to an employee website, after unionizing the carrier’s flight attendants, the union has never successfully negotiated a contract for them.

Now, they are seeking to get rid of the union.

Today, July 1, in Washington, D.C. we filed an application with the National Mediation Board requesting a representational election. Part of the application requirement is turning in the signed Authorization Cards from more than 50% of our flight attendants system wide. That means the majority of us now want to move forward with an election.

It is a historical day for sure. Never before in the history of the Railway Labor Act has a craft or class of this size ever attempted to decertify their union. This is a clear indication that we are dissatisfied with the TWU and their failure to deliver. Four and a half years is more than enough time to give them to produce. It is time to stop wishing upon a star and return to direct negotiations with management and work with them as one team. As our dispatchers recently showed us, it is the only way we will get the things that we desire. Precedent is now there that we can tangibly point to. Let’s follow their lead so we can reap the benefits that they have.

The application to decertify the TWU comes after Allegiant’s dispatchers voted to decertify the Teamsters in April.

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  1. The union can’t negotiate a contract? Gee, one would think Allegiant management might just possibly have something to do with that.


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