Vegas Union Discriminating Against Black Laborers Case Heads To Arbitration



A discimination case against a Las Vegas union that has been going on for nearly five years appears to be headed to arbitration, according to the Review Journal.

Black laborers were lured onto job sites with the promise of substantial new contracts, deprived of pay for work performed and sometimes forced out of business by a Las Vegas union leader, according to a lengthy discrimination lawsuit that soon could go to arbitration.

The suit, first filed in federal court in 2011, accuses Laborers Local 872 of forcing black subcontractors to default on their union dues. It alleges the union kicked those laborers off job sites and replaced them with contractors of other races.

That’s on top of allegations made in March by a former union staffer who, in a sworn affidavit, accused Local 872 Business Manager Tommy White of calling black employees a racial slur and “back-stabbers.”

The former staffer also accused White of physically assaulting him after he was fired late last year

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  1. Justice for African Americans in Vegas is nothing more than a conversation a slight fainted dream. We witness so many federal cases here and across the country come and go, and here we still stand in the lost justice.

    Lawyer pay to play, judges pay to play all awhile the entire system appears to be rigged, corrupt and sold to the highest bidder who are most often racist white people and gate keeper.

    The hate play’s out like a deck of card 27/7 in Vegas you been to one big house you been to the all , they operate the same. The NLRB, NO JUSTICE, EEOC, DISTTICT OF ATTORNEY, ATTORNEY GENERAL, JUSTICE DEPARTMENT, LEGAL AID, and all the non- profits agenices carries the same burning torch for the AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY IN LAS VEGAS.

    Our given rights and Constitution RIGHTS are been snached from underneath our feet in little las vegas.


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