The HIll: NLRB’s Ambush Election Rule Having “Little Effect On Unionization”


NLRB Building
The National Labor Relations Board’s much-criticized “ambush election” rules, which went into effect on April 14th is having a minimal effect on the amount of union election petitions filed, or on union win rates, according to the Hill.

So far, 18 elections have occurred within two weeks since the new rules went into effect. 

However, the regulations seem to have a minimal effect on unionization.

Labor is winning 63 percent of union elections since the new rules went into effect, compared to 64 percent last year.

The number of petitions filed and elections held is practically unchanged.

As the NLRB’s rules have only been in effect for a few months, it may be too early to determine whether or not the rules will have, as has been predicted, a beneficial effect over the longer term.



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