Machinists Union Tries E-Signatures To Get Toehold Into Boeing’s Charleston Plant



Now that the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is allowing unions to gather employee signatures electronically, at least one union is attempting to utilize the new approach to try to unionize a long-sought after prize—the South Carolina-based employees of Boeing.

After its failed attempt to unionize the Boeing workers earlier this year, the Machinists vowed that the union was not going to go away.

While it is uncertain whether the new process will be rife with fraudulent data, the Machinists union is wasting no time in trying to gather signatures electronically.

Before directing employees to its electronic form (screenshot below), on its website aimed at Boeing’s South Carolina employees, the union states:

…Starting immediately, all hourly Boeing workers can sign an authorization card by simply clicking the link provided below.

From the privacy of your home or handheld device, you can choose to join your co-workers in supporting the current organizing campaign for a better Boeing for all workers.

The same legal protections that apply to hard copy cards also apply to electronic authorization cards– No employer has the authority or privilege to see these cards…

Without the pressure of co-workers or union organizers in an employee’s presence, it is debatable whether this new method will garner unions much success.

However, for the time being, it appears that at least one union appears willing to try it.

Boeing E-Signature


  1. We, the PRODUCTIVE, understand what the unions need to repeat…Union thugs, or bosses are inferior, as they produce ZERO value for the society, while consuming enormous amounts of resources that are produced by US, the productive class (that’s how you distinquish the Superior from the Inferior). Outside of the parasitical sphere or activity (such as union organizing) – if thrown, by a twist of faith into a PRODUCTIVE WORLD – they will die. That’s why they cling to the protective cartel structures, such as unions. This is the sure sign if inferiority, and the inferior KNOW deep down inside that they are INFERIOR, therefore DEMANDING protection from cartels of all kinds.


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