Chicago Mayor Emanuel’s Favorite Teamster Boss Was Just Indicted


Teamster boss and long-time ally of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel faces federal charges.

One of Chicago’s most powerful and politically-connected Teamsters bosses was indicted on Wednesday on charges alleging that he extorted $100,000 in cash from a local business by threatening a work stoppage if he wasn’t paid, according to the Chicago Tribune.

John Coli Sr., 57, considered one the union’s most powerful figures nationally, was charged with one count of attempted extortion and five counts of demanding and accepting prohibited payment as a union official.

The 11-page indictment alleged the extortion occurred when Coli was president of Teamsters Joint Council 25, a labor organization that represents more than 100,000 workers in the Chicago area and northwest Indiana.

According to the charges, beginning in 2016, Coli threatened work stoppages and other economic harm to a business — identified only as Company 1 — unless he was paid quarterly cash payments of $25,000.

This is not the first time allegations have been made against Coli.

In 2012, a RICO suit was filed against Coli alleging that he and other Teamster bosses “conspired to and have falsely and intentionally inflated audits relating to how much was owed to the Local 727 Funds.”

According to the Tribune, Coli did not comment on the charges and is expected to retire at the end of July.



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