Teamster Thugs ‘Terrified’ Top Chef Star


Top Chef star was ‘terrified’ when a Teamster thug threatened to bash her face in.

The Boston-based drama of the Teamsters’ extortion case from 2014 goes on

Reality cooking show Top Chef’s host Padma Lakshmi was ‘terrified’ when a union worker threatened to ‘smash’ her ‘pretty little face in’ during an altercation in Boston three years ago, prosecutors allege in an upcoming labor-dispute trial.

Five members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters have been accused of intimidating the staff and crew of the Top Chef reality TV show while it was filming in Boston in 2014.

Teamster John Fidler allegedly reached into Lakshmi’s chauffeured van outside a the Steel & Rye restaurant in Milton, threatened to hit her and called her a ‘f****** w****’, prosecutors say.

Fidler and fellow Local 25 members Daniel Redmond, Michael Ross and Robert Cafarelli face extortion charges and a potential 20-year prison sentence in a trial starting on July 31.

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