Despite Tax Cut For Middle Class, AFL-CIO Boss Richard Trumka Opposes Trump’s Tax Reform


Following U.S. President Donald Trump’s laying out a framework for tax reform—which includes a tax cut for the middle-class—earlier this week, AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka blasted the plan in its entirety.

AFL-CIO Richard Trumka: GOP plan helps the wealthy, not workers from CNBC.

Trumka’s opposition to Trump’s plan is not surprising.

As a staunch supporter of failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary CLinton, Trumka has been opposed to most of Trump’s efforts since he took office.

In April, the AFL-CIO stated that any tax reform put forth by the White House or Congress should include tax increases on the wealthy.

The AFL-CIO argued that large corporations and wealthy individuals should not see their taxes cut — and instead should see them increase.

“Big corporations and the wealthy must pay more in taxes than they pay now, so we can build an economy that works for all of us,” the group said.

President Trump’s tax plan does neither of those things.


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