Rome Aloise, a high-ranking teamster official and ally of Teamsters Pres. Hoffa, has been found guilty by a judge on the union’s Independent Review Board.

Teamsters’ Randy Cammack (on left), Teamsters General Pres. James P. Hoffa (2nd from left), California governor Jerry Brown (3rd from left) and Rome Aloise (on right). Source: Teamsters

A high-ranking Teamster official has been found “guilty” by the union’s a judge serving with the Independent Review Board for taking gifts from an employer, as well as negotiating a “sham contract.”

Here’s a summary from the Teamsters for a Democratic Union [TDU]:

After stonewalling corruption charges for more than a year and a half, Rome Aloise, Hoffa’s main power-broker in the West, has been found guilty of all charges in a 60-page decision by Judge Barbara Jones.

Aloise solicited tickets to an exclusive Super Bowl Playboy party from an employer that he was bargaining with; he used his union influence at two employers to force them to hire his cousin; he negotiated a sham union contract with an investment broker friend; and he illegally used union resources and power to ensure the election of his supporter in Local 601.

Judge Jones, the Independent Review Officer, ruled that, “The evidence supports the charges against Aloise, and that Aloise brought reproach upon the union.”

While the charges could bar Rome Aloise from the union entirely, the TDU notes that Judge Jones “requested submissions from Aloise and Independent Investigations Officer on what the appropriate penalty should be.”

Here is the full hearing officer’s report:

Teamsters IRB Hearing Findings Against Rome Aloise on Scribd


  1. At the trial in SF, Rome had a group of people who were there to support him. Every time the independent investigation officer (IIO) went up to question Rome, they would go ” BOOM BABBA BOOM BABBA BOOM” this is because Carberry the (IIO) is heavy set. You think he forgot?!? Good job Rome and company. No wonder the teamsters are at an all time weak point in history.

  2. if this man is guilty.lock his butt up.the rest of us ,out herer working our butts off ,and this crooked bull shit makes me sick.we union members,need to get rid of these bums….


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