SEIU’s Sexual-Harassment Scandal Just Got A Lot Messier…


Amidst a sexual-harassment scandal, the SEIU is now facing allegations that it fired an alleged sexual predator who then went to work for other SEIU affiliates.

In this midst of an already-existing sexual harassment scandal that has taken out four high-ranking union officials, pro-labor Payday Report’s Mike Elk reports that a SEIU manager who had been released from a Boston local for his alleged assaults on a female staffer was later rehired by two other SEIU affiliates in California.

Payday Report has learned that SEIU allowed a staffer who had been forced to leave one Boston-area SEIU local following an internal investigation to then be rehired at two other SEIU locals in California.

Former SEIU staffer and alleged sex-harasser Pedro Malave. SOURCE: Payday Report

Payday Report has obtained documents that show in the summer of 2014 that 32BJ SEIU Local 615 investigated then-Assistant Director Pedro Malave for a sexual assault against administrative coordinator Daria Alladio. In July 2014, Malave was then allowed to leave the local.

Later, Malave was allowed to work with an SEIU-backed organization, Community Labor United in Boston and obtained management positions at two California locals: SEIU United Healthcare Workers West and with SEIU United Service Workers United.

Malave was able to obtain this work despite repeated efforts by Alladio and others in her Boston local to ensure that Malave would have a permanent record placed in his file so that he could never work again for SEIU.

“More than being upset about what happened with Pedro, I was really frustrated with how SEIU handled the situation,” says Alladio.

Payday Report details the shockingly-disturbing allegations of Malave’s sexual assaults here.

“Malave is the fifth SEIU official in recent weeks to leave the union following allegations of misconduct,” according to Politico, “after the October resignations of Executive Vice President Scott Courtney and Chicago Fight for 15 leader Caleb Jennings; the resignation earlier this month of Fight for 15 Organizing Director Kendall Fells; and the firing earlier this month of Mark Raleigh, who ran Fight for 15’s Detroit chapter.”


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