Disney Union Urges Members To Vote ‘No’ On Raise-Containing Contract


Unionized workers at Disney parks in Florida are being urged by their union to reject a contract containing 6 to 10 percent raises over two years.

Image credit: Jobs With Justice

Contract talks at Disney’s parks in Florida are not going well.

While Disney has offered a 6 to 10 percent raise over two years, one of the main unions at the table is urging its members to reject the proposal, according to WFTV9.com.

Union members were also promised an immediate 50-cent hourly raise and a $200 ratification payment if the contract is approved.

As union members were being trained in procedures ahead of the two-day vote, they were also learning how to convince other employees to vote against the contract.

“I was elected to lead the union and, so, leadership means you should have an opinion,” Unite Here Local 362 President Eric Clinton said. “And I have an opinion that Disney shouldn’t pay people poverty wages.”

Unite Here Local 362, along with has five other other local unions–which include the Teamsters, the SEIU and others–make up the Service Trades Council Union.

The STCU represents 38,000 Disney cast members.

It is unclear whether the unions will look to strike Disney or not.


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