SEIU Union Boss Reportedly Did More Than ‘Sext’ Younger Staff


Shocking and disturbing details emerge of the allegations that got an SEIU union boss suspended for sexual harassment of his younger staff.

More disturbing details are emerging about the sexual harassment allegations a top official of the Service Employees International Union has been facing since December when he was suspended.

In December, when allegations of “inappropriate conduct” first surfaced against Tyrék D. Lee Sr., who heads the SEIU Local 1199 and represents about 56,000 workers in Massachusetts, details were sparse and the SEIU suspended Lee without pay, pending an investigation.

Now, however, the Boston Globe is reporting some of those details and, for those who believe unions should be above reproach, the allegations are alarming.

Anonymous SEIU employees reportedly told the Globe that “Lee pursued sexual relationships with female co-workers by employing behavior that went beyond typical flirting; in text and e-mail messages, he sometimes used vulgar language about sexual acts he wanted to perform with them.”

They said Lee’s pursuit of colleagues included women who were younger and subordinate to him, putting the women in the difficult position of dating — or rejecting — a superior.

The allegations include unwanted touching by Lee on the arms, shoulders, and backs of women with whom he worked. In one incident, he allegedly exposed his genitals and urinated in front of several female associates in the parking lot of a restaurant where colleagues had gathered for drinks.

At work, Lee openly talked about women’s appearances, commenting on how he liked their hair or how “hot” their bodies were, the people said. Lee, who is 40 and became a father and grandfather at a young age, also allegedly bragged to colleagues about being a “hot” and “sexy” grandfather.

Neither Lee, nor the SEIU, responded to the Globe’s requests for comments.

Read more about the SEIU’s sexual harassment scandals here.


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