Teamsters leader accuses UPS of having a ‘culture of bullying’

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With a strike vote in hand, a Teamster leader is amping up the rhetoric against UPS, accusing the package delivery company of having a ‘culture of bullying.’

With Teamsters nationwide voting to give their union leaders the authority to call a strike against UPS, one Teamster leader in Pittsburgh is accusing the company of having ‘a culture of bullying,’ according to

“UPS refuses to provide more full-time jobs, forcing the current full-time employees to work mandated overtime, all while being consistently harassed to deliver more packages in less time,” Teamsters Local 249 President Kevin Schmitt said in a statement to Channel 11 News.

Ironically, if the union succeeds in getting the UPS to reduce the amount of overtime it mandates and gets the company to agree to hire more full-time workers, the union will gain more union members, as well as union dues.


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