Teamsters Join Lawsuit To Keep Taxpayers Paying For Union Business


The Teamsters are the latest union to join other government unions in filing suit against President Trump’s executive orders regarding civil service reform.

More than two weeks after President Donald Trump issued three executive orders to curb government union power, the Teamsters union has joined a lawsuit filed by a dozen other government unions trying to stop implementation of the executive orders, according to a Teamsters’ press release.

Today, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters joined with 12 other labor unions in bringing a lawsuit to stop the implementation of three executive orders issued by the President on May 25.

Two of the orders impair long-established federal labor relations procedures by limiting the ability of federal workers and their union representatives to perform union business and by weakening the process for negotiating contracts on behalf of unionized federal employees. The third order seeks to impair the due process rights of employees alleged to have performance problems.

The federal rules governing labor-management relations and personnel matters were codified into law in 1978 with the passage of the Civil Service Reform Act.

“The rights of federal employees and the unions that were democratically-elected to represent them are being unjustly singled out,” said Michael Filler, the Director of the Teamsters Public Services Division.”Neither national security nor the quality of service to the public will be improved by ignoring the law and relevant legal precedent; therefore, the court should declare all three executive order invalid and unenforceable,” Filler added.

Despite the fact that taxpayer money funded 3.6 million hours of union business in 2016, unions apparently see the removal of that taxpayer subsidy as an untouchable entitlement.

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